Professional Packing Services in Dennis, MA

Proper packing is necessary for your upcoming move and Compass Moving & Storage�s packing and moving experts are prepared to handle it for you. Unfortunately, the importance of proper packing is often overlooked or understated. Your possessions must be well packed and protected to survive your move unscathed. No one wants to find their treasures and the things that make their house a home damaged when they unpack in their new house. At Compass Moving & Storage, we provide you with the necessary packing services and/or packing supplies to pack your items carefully and securely so they can travel safely to your destination.

Did you know that items like fine china and lampshades should not be wrapped in newspaper? Newsprint can stain them. There are better packing materials to protect your breakables that will not damage them as they protect them from scrapes and bumps. Other important tips for effective packing include keeping items from the same room together in boxes. Fragile items should not be packed with heavy items that can damage them. Contents of boxes should not rattle. Pairs and parts should be kept together. Electrical cords should be wound and fastened. All boxes should be clearly and well labeled. Whatever your moving and packing services needs, Compass Moving & Storage has the expertise to ensure your move is a success.

From packing your entire house to handling just your breakables, our professionally trained packers are ready to take care of all your needs. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, your possessions deserve proper attention and care. We believe in treating our customers' things as carefully as if each customer were family, and will provide you secure and efficient packing services.
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