Office Moving in Dennis, MA

If your office is in need of relocation, Compass Moving & Storage’s professional office movers can help you do the heavy lifting, and do it on a time table that works for you and your business.

Your office move will start with a visit from our Moving Consultant, who will review exactly what needs to be done to accomplish the relocation in the most efficient and quick manner, with as little down time as possible. Our Moving Consultant will take a complete inventory of items that need to be moved and all items that need to be packed. Our consultant will also check building and elevator access, size and availability. The Moving Consultant will gather information about different priorities while moving, and help you develop a plan for your staff and out professional movers.
Office Supply - Moving Company in Dennis, MA
When you have chosen Compass Moving & Storage as your office movers and have all the moving details nailed down (where you are moving what, items that need to me moved or discarded, who is packing what, etc.), we will hold a meeting to review in detail your staff's responsibilities, all your other moving needs, and the services our professional office movers will provide you in your office move.

We are very experienced at moving libraries, computers, servers, copiers and we will provide any materials necessary to pack and secure your office equipment. Compass Moving & Storage specializes in moving cubicles and all other types of office furniture, too. In most office moves, our professional movers do the work after hours or on the weekend, so your company does not need to suffer any down time.

Compass Moving & Storage will work around your schedule, providing the most convenient service.
Planning a move? Give us a call at 508-385-7070 or contact us by e-mail to arrange a free estimate with one of our expert moving consultants.